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€200.00 / 6 h
Price includes 2 persons. Extras:
  • Henkilö(t)€20.00


Majoitus-& Maaseutupalvelut/ Lomakoti Käenkoski majoitus@kaenkoski.com +358 400 11 0303 Company id: 2188742-1 Merchant terms

All private for you, on the same beach. 

The worse the weather, the bigger the experience! Most enjoy the beach sauna experience in good company. Surprise for a Sauna Day Hero!

The most terrific experiences have been during the storm, while giggling on the floating sauna rafts. 

Deep emotions are also aroused by the admiration of the bright starry sky on Finnish summer night, splashing in the hot tube.

The floating sauna, the hot tube in use until midnight.

In the barbeque hut will be a snack on the campfire if you have booked "Picnic" separately.